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Lubomir Dobrev is working with long range of materials and media. His works with a combination between bronze and porcelain, participated in numerous exhibition in the world. Last few years the sculptor is working also with glass using glass casting techniques. The major materials that the artist is using for his creations are bronze and copper. 


The topics that are important for Lubomir Dobrev a various, from conceptual forms trought a human portrait, religios icons and different animals.

One of his conceptual synthesis for his sculptures is "THE LIVING ARE CROOKED" - "Peace and geometry are for the beyond.The virility of every living being always resist the gravitation. The more provocative is the form in the vertical plane, the lovelier and more potent is it. That's the way I feel the size of life. As for my sculptures, the objects I make - these are thoughs of bronze and porcelain."

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